Since the 6 restatement golden laws and precious rules of media content creation Era

from the media formed in the present social influence can not be cut, their ability to guide for many phenomena is not just ignored, so from the media for comments should pay particular attention to, but contrary with standards, many from the media in order to attract eyeballs and temporary popularity surged, continue to spread rumors, although the fan the flames, short between gained attention, but finally entered the dead end of development. So how to avoid going back? The direction, content, form and so on, since the media people anxious thinking and key points, the author will share how to push in the form of excellence from the media, innovation in content, truly enhance their own influence, rather than blindly curry favour by claptrap.

wants to have a unified mind. The development of the information age, the formation of social values deviate from the money idea, because the benefits to many from the media, fabricating facts, the wrong person, to confuse the public opinion people make groundless accusations. Because the public opinion caused by the impact is very bad, so the central authorities will vigorously rectify the style of writing, and will crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, and fundamentally eliminate the existence of rumors and distorted facts of the big V. Although from the media in a new era of vigorous development, in the period of great development, how to seize the opportunity, but also to the silt but don’t dye? How to create new content, writing the starting point is very important, which requires with what kind of ideas, for what purpose, since the media people must have a unified the overall thought as the guide, to avoid many of the current media has put all sorts of things together phenomenon, a lot of motives, there is not the content of style. From the starting point of the media platform is the key to the development of better days after maintenance.

needs a keen "news eye" from the media". Since the media you want to create a new scene in the content, we must dare to find their own problems, face up to guagu healing pain, change the style, once destroyed the vulgar, or just to entertain the masses of poor quality articles, must be paid attention to from the thought, the change in the content. Why media need to have sharp "news eyes", if only from a report, a report from the event itself, a statement of fact itself; in fact B dig, writing a news point why be not of the common sort, the same event will have a different understanding, show content is not the same, not the same view of value. In addition, you can find additional news points in the news itself, or follow up reports. In a word, it is sure that everyone will be able to read and pay attention to the excellent media.

from the media needs from the vulgar, Chaofen for the purpose of speculation. Many from the media to distort the facts is very simple, one hand is driven by the interests, on the other hand is to increase the attention of fans, there are many from the media is to hype, get out of the action, creating potential end, is to write against facts of the hype. Do not spread rumors, do not pass rumors has been the public security departments to combat the purpose, because it made the content >

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