The 4 step is to become a cyber spy to improve your website’s effectiveness

only takes 4 steps, just 4 steps, you can become a good Internet spy, improve your site benefits.

1. Criminal investigation

you have no criminal investigation? How much is your competition traffic? How? Alexa, flow more than us. But it doesn’t matter. There’s also garbage flow. The competitor’s website that day, found that ranked at about 210 thousand, good results. How do they promote it? Do you rely on website ads, buy keywords or other spam letters?

2. Asking about product purchases

then you need to pretend that you’re a potential customer and click on the online customer service on your website to ask about product purchases. I’m not asking you to really buy their products, but to ask them where their effective traffic comes from at the right moment. In this way, the customer service in your cloud fog asked many questions, and finally unsuspecting to tell you the secret of their promotion: Web site alliance.

3. Study their weapons,

pretended to be a union of applicants, copies of their promotion area group, learning to understand how they do the promotion link? How they teach you to promote their products? How do they train you to earn a commission as part of their 24 hours on the Internet to sell their products? They promote comprehensive measures for reasonable method? Your army? Their promotion tools easy to use? The enemy to battle.

4. Imitate and concoct their ammunition,

imitate their advantages of ammunition to destroy them, robbing them of their alliance, the collapse of their team, and then incorporated their alliance members. Then you need to ask yourself a question: why do I have to go with you? For you, for your league, because you have meat to eat, you have money, and you have lots of money. You know that, and you can attract a lot of allies to follow you. Then you can take over their territory and cut a big chunk of the cake from the market.

The US

has captured a fortress, occupying a city.

and then,


go ahead, head to the front fortress,


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