To the point of poison chicken soup heterogeneous why you can foresee the doomed failure

recently read the "alien" this book, after the reorganization, "" heterogeneous in addition to this book can discuss why some people succeed, but you can foresee some people doomed to failure.

how will you lose at the starting line?

according to statistics, the average month of birth of all Canadian hockey stars is highly concentrated in the January -3 months, which is a more interesting phenomenon, it is because of magic


is the ice hockey organization has rules will be born in the same year 1-12 months of children as a group, and one of the children born in January than in December children born with a physical advantage, therefore Zhandexianji, training in the future will be continuously strengthen this advantage, and have an overwhelming advantage finally, to win in the occupation career.

and the Matthew effect is in fact a variety of games in the first 10 minutes of reaction, if LOL is one-sided, it is basically doomed.

for this cruel world, birth is very important, basically a technology venture is born in a middle-class family, Bill Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg, et al. Musk is one of the middle class, they have inherent advantages in resources, can not be in contact with the computer peers, have full access to computer resources. Parents can provide adequate resources for them, but the poor could not.

rarely see the big brother of science and technology from the poor, because the poor do not have the opportunity to reach the forefront of science and technology, lack of experience in the field of science and technology in the forefront of the accumulation of knowledge and experience.

, of course, there are some exceptions, such as the most famous domestic Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong was born in the countryside, this is not a counterexample of


is not the case, the Jingdong and Ali is not a technology driven company, but the business driven company, the importance of dealing with people and the importance of dealing with more than the machine, Liu Qiangdong parents early doing transport business, not only from monasteries, but also to help the parents to do all kinds of things, it is virtually trained to do business a keen sense of smell, there will be later Jingdong.

reform and opening up, such an example can be said that everywhere. Because the importance of dealing with people at that time was far greater than the importance of dealing with things.

therefore, despite the lack of resources, but also can turn over the poor, but to stand up, there must be another kind of skill accumulation, namely the ability to collaborate with people, is the child is surrounded by the words and deeds of the business case, was sufficient, and the self body at a very young age kiss the temptation, in order to have a chance of breaking.

Technology entrepreneurial success, the necessary conditions must be had access to some advanced technology, rather than a technology entrepreneur, success is necessary from parents or the people around do business words and deeds, and.

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