My overseas website writes memoir

when you see the people to write their own career do stand bitter in Admin5, I am an impatient, and unable to suppress their feelings, to write to you listen to my heart to comfort, so that we can learn to do overseas Chinese website hardships! About the hardships of Chinese in Poland forum ".

ADO, because I was studying in Poland, so in 2006 the "Poland forum", was not what the Poland Chinese information in the network, because of the Chinese in Poland is less than 3000, access to the Internet and the poor, who will do it. Ha ha, this person is me, I bought enough domain name in the country, and chose BBSXP as the forum procedure on the net, and bought a very cheap space of 200M.

When the newly established

website is very excited, then the theme of the forum is mainly by the Poland Chinese daily life, not collect any night in Poland, I met a few in southern Poland foreign friends, let them make a contribution together with me to Poland Chinese business, everyone’s enthusiasm is just beginning high, but after a week or so, basically is not what the site visits, for several of the few heroes fall by half, Poland complained that the Chinese people will not have less access! No matter what they say or help me, if I don’t give up hope of the website or website.

don’t climb high,


because when at home, I will contact the website, also know some basic knowledge of the site, do Links, optimizing website content, Title and so on, but only superficial, so I often study in some of the SEO website. Determined to arm yourself, do it again. I started Links at that time, links with some western Chinese Web site, but more like Chinese countries such as Britain, Ireland, Italy, France, the Chinese website links too demanding, at least PR=3, I this station PR didn’t jump out of the 0 siege, really let me look helplessly the net! I finally started changing ideas from Eastern Europe to start, such as Chinese little Chinese Web site Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, because the levels are similar, so no one suspected gas in Eastern Europe, who, as long as there are Chinese website of the country I do with them a link, the first step of success so made.

dream Sylvia Baidu, looking back at that person but in the lights dim

after less than two months, I have always insisted every day to update the site, try some articles, regardless of a few words, then I stand Google included about 1000 pages or so, Baidu should have more than 1000 pages, PR=1, little surprise that made me very happy, but this time in Poland Chinese website access or no progress, sometimes tiny spots, their own comfort, the Chinese in Poland, this is a fact! Ask yourself, how to make Poland the Chinese number >

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