Talking about the application of network marketing and traditional media marketing combination

talking about internet marketing, many novices often think it is to operate on the network. The case shows that online marketing, combined with traditional media marketing, can be stronger and more efficient. In fact, network marketing is essentially a new form of marketing. A network marketing predecessors said, "the future may not be the word" network marketing ", only marketing,"

network marketing must be consistent with the positioning of other media marketing information

The essence of

marketing is to capture a powerful information retrieval position in the industry in the minds of potential customers. For example: when it comes to cars, you immediately think of Mercedes Benz and BMW; when it comes to fast food, you immediately think of McDonald’s, kfc. This is the result of many years of focusing on specific areas and delivering consistent, powerful external images to customers. Therefore, both for enterprises, or for the webmaster, are equally important to this point. The establishment of a brand, regardless of any size of the enterprise, even if the individual webmaster is equally important.

in our company, the Internet marketing department is under the marketing department. The content published on the network and the activities plan need to be reviewed by our marketing director. (our company has an internal OA system, so we must go through the process and let the marketing director see it before releasing it.). This advantage is that in the publicity of enterprises, or activities to promote, you can focus more on the image of the enterprise.

a case of integrated marketing communication between network and offline media

when the network and offline media combination, you can create a very powerful integration effect. Our company is made of plastic products. Not long ago, we want to do a marketing campaign to expand our brand influence and increase the potential of dealers and end users. In recent years, promotional advertising through traditional media release, the price is getting higher and higher, but the effect is getting worse and worse. Therefore, the marketing department is finally determined to make a market activity integrating the Internet and traditional media at the time of the company’s "18th anniversary" approaching. The theme is "million Yuan Zheng an activity", collecting a resounding slogan of service for our company. Set 1, 2, 3 and other awards, the author of the slogan being adopted will receive a reward of 10000 yuan.

1, on the Internet, we built a separate web page, set up the individual traffic statistics code, and the user registration function. On the one hand, you can know the actual effect of advertising, in addition, you can also collect information about potential customers.

2, in the newspaper media and TV media issued a small ad, the content is very simple "million Yuan Zheng an activity, everyone has a chance to win, so the details on the http://s.***.cn.; a small advertising, relatively low cost, can play more often, important information, to allow customers to further network. Get.

3, the same way in the network to build

because information is simple, >

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