Talking about the successful experience of 163z

I’ve been wandering around on the Internet, and at the best of times I’ve been asked to be a columnist for a web site. At the time when the peak, I added about 100 groups, then joked that the NetEase pig you are inexorably hangs on. everywhere. At that time added about 60 webmaster group, 20 IT group, more than a dozen domain names group. And I’m an active member of each group, and I spend more time in groups than I do. Now back to the only 20 groups left, I feel more time.

often asks me, "what websites do you do?" I am shy to tell you what will happen in the future. In fact, I had 3 small websites at that time. They were very special and creative websites. There was one I used a good domain name to buy, from beginning to end I was very idle, and later failed to recover the domain name. There is a web site, then it seems to do a little improvement, from space to grow to an independent host, IP is also the tens of thousands, can I think some day in the future renowned * * is the webmaster, then attracted countless pairs of eyes and envy, but finally closed the good times don’t last long.

went through the 3 small websites and broke the fortune, and learned the lesson of never making any creative websites again. Maybe someone will refute me: you are not lucky, I have cattle X ideas, and so have the opportunity in the future, a line is not necessarily good. Web site what is creative, that is, other people do not have you, and I think it is new, a good sense, we have no, and gradually the site will fade out of the market. We have a few people nobody will operate the web site, both have the same hobbies, have a high opinion of himself, so set up too many such as not, can not, finally abandoned the market.

in 2009, I made a wish on Sina’s blog, saying: "09 years is my year of standing.". After coming home for the new year, I want to make a website. Looking at my account in more than a dozen domain names, I was in a daze, this can do joke network, this can do the game network, this can do navigation network. Take the doctrine of uncertainty, I sent a post in a forum, ask everyone to vote for me, and finally was recognized, because 163 everyone knows, and my domain name is only more than 163 compared to a letter Z. Mention 163 people think of is mailbox, online games, news, online games I don’t understand, mailbox not qualified to do, so I choose my favorite news. This domain name is a rare few investment estimation I correct domain name! Sure what you want to do, I find a few online friends, I hope you can help me to update the contents, they all agreed, but we are not born, no one will do.

domain name and space, I want to find someone to help me upload the program free of charge. A lot of the group, no one is willing to help me, and later called a wolf in sheep’s clothing, net friend helped me upload installed, and then on my own slowly. Install the themes and plug-ins, which I will, and also very simple. But I want to change the subject into one that has information for me

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