New station is how to get Pr3 Pr4 links

maybe a lot of webmaster will scoff,


think new station how can someone willing to link with you,


yeah, now this network is the Internet, is a money, do a template to charges, debugging to charges, even help PS map small charge, now more interesting, do Links charge. What’s more, a friend told me that when he bought a link, he met a person who was scolded because he didn’t buy the 40/ fee link, and you were poor B.

but you see what links you’ve got to buy links,


links, a large number of unrelated, private, non mainstream, QQ links, even higher PR, and then higher traffic, but also useless. The joint punishment of the Internet will basically wipe out these cheating stations K.

tell me how I link up with my friends.


wants to be a link, he must first do what he has to do.

first, in terms of content, do not collect and bulk copy, but manually modified way, the maximum possible to reduce the search engine punishment.

second, page, page in the production, to find the best design for professional, not just find a COPY station. The station, deja vu who would do link with you? I’m afraid you don’t love and a COPY always others site do


third, when you apply for a link, you must first make sure that the other person’s station is good, and leave your contact information so that you can contact each other. I wrote down the format of my application link.

Title: Chinese Creative Design Alliance for friendship links.


Hello, webmaster at

XXXXXX station.

your link is ready.

please check.

I stand address: (pay attention to see if there is a link that can be clicked directly, otherwise, the webmaster is not interested in clicking on it)

I’m standing Name: Chinese creative design alliance

administrator: QQ0000000

Please send

links, thank you.

, if your layout is not very bad, Baidu included, it is generally the same, the station owners will pass your application.

by the way, ask a few links, please design class webmaster Hui Ci links.

ha ha,, looking forward to your patronage.

panorama survey of China’s 100 Internet CEO: http://s.www.>

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