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October 21st, "entrepreneur" co sponsored pocket micro electricity supplier Sharon held in Beijing in the second quarter. At the meeting, pocket founder white crow made a share. White crow said they saw online retailers like the lame, because only the supply chain, not only goods, channels, not their flow, not their customers need to increase the cost of marketing to do better, the retail industry in the future will move toward the era of operators.


what do we think about retail: we are working for landlords,

pocket pass project has been analyzed before, how do we view the retail status?. In our view China retail is through the state of the reform and opening up, bring us to the rather baffling everyone in the state, working for the landlord. As long as the best place to find the best location, open the shop, it is absolutely earned. In the media advertising, this phenomenon led to businessmen no longer focus on product quality and service, and pay attention to whether I have been exposed, I can be in what kind of section?.

doesn’t do e-commerce, and you’ll have no business to do in the future. But in fact, we found that the electricity supplier than the retail business is more bitter, even worse. Why,


analysis of the cost of the electricity supplier proportion, the production costs of goods is 30%, 30% is the cost of marketing, logistics, commodity display, the tax cost of the added together almost close to 30%, finally found you, you can do 10% of the gross profit has been very good in business. If you need to sell your goods better and bigger, then you need to put in more marketing costs. In the Chinese Internet, all China online shopping population just staring at the one or two entrance, all businesses and the crowd of one or two entrance, the worse than offline, online at least Beijing has a lot of online shopping malls, only one or two places, so there are a lot of people crowded in. Therefore, online, the master of the entrance of the initiative greater, the landlord dictatorship greater rights, the landlord said to you, how do you have to?.

centric results:

we see online retailers like the lame, because you have only the supply chain, not only goods, channels, not their flow, not their customers, you need to increase the cost of marketing to do better, this is the line of the state.

The concept of

consumer online shopping, I need to go shopping or shopping on the weekend, I will think of Xidan in Beijing, the Mixc, intime, Wanda, the first consumer cognition is shopping, and then see the brand, focused on the final goods. As a result, that lot and business district have become the most profitable people in this process. Brands and merchants are separated by lots and business circles, which is the status offline.

face customers, and maintain the connection with customers is our transit.

in addition to the business in recent years, serious changes, and changes are becoming increasingly evident, in fact, consumer behavior is also changing. We can see great things happen in the Internet

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