Talking about the skill of putting advertisement on the nternet

believes that many webmasters have wanted to add advertising ads to their own stations to increase revenue, such as GG. Well, some of the skills of online advertising, you know?.

is currently the main form of online advertising is not a variety of billing methods; Internet advertising advantage: wide coverage, strong initiative, long time, relatively low cost, high cost performance; we see on the web now advertising is in advocate "advertising", in the opinion of the author is to advertising a more accurate show in front of the audience, according to media content like consumption characteristics of the audience’s or its occupation related advertising is perfectly matched by advertisers and consumers to establish a precise one-to-one communication, deep promote consumption or influence; direct the product demand to the front of the crowd, this is the pursuit of advertising state. Is the use of technical means, including geographical objects, behavior, creative object carousel.

to advertising in the media advertising, after 24 hours a day on the detection of advertising advertising performance, real-time optimization of change, to enhance the overall effect of advertising to reduce the cost, improve the behavior of earnings.

therefore, direct advertising advertising position, type, population, time, and advertising product popularity of web advertising can produce greater value has a direct relationship! Last year Google home page "I’m Feeling lucky (good luck)" button you see every day, but are rarely used. Insiders calculate Google, because this button the annual loss of advertising revenue as high as $110 million. Visible advertising positions high prices, not good, may not be able to produce value.

in 2009, industry agencies suggested that Baidu, from the left and natural search results mixed display advertising, to the right to display advertising based. By changing the color of the advertisement, the left ads are separated from the natural ones. The search engine to maintain credibility in the end user oriented; at the same time as the search results on the left to reduce the supply of advertising, advertising is more scarce, advertisers will stimulate more fierce bidding on the whole or may have a positive impact on the improvement of ARPU. Here is a brief account of the importance of advertising positions.

advertising who can clearly different positions about value, after all about the value and the actual price is very different, put products, media type, user association, and complete these a series of actions, must be obtained by testing the data to determine whether the advertising companies need appropriate advertising, a survey the process usually takes 15-30 days.

therefore, we need to carefully detect the value of advertising when advertising, and finally get the results, and then long-term launch, in order to achieve the final advertising effect. I have tested two game ads, and the results of the two games show that the value of advertising determines the type of media, the consumer

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