Website operation thinking product operation from attracting users to retaining users

Internet field, products and operations are interlinked, the product is to provide value to the user, the operation is to allow users to recognize this value, they depend on each other, strategic objectives are consistent. Any operations are carried out around the "user", including "attract users" and "retain users", which means: "let the user come over and stay.".


1. attracts users

said, "attract users, have to mention traffic sources.". In the statistical software of any third party, "search engine" and "external links" and "direct access" traffic division have been standardized to the search engine is usually subject to the content to attract; external links from a variety of marketing and marketing and word-of-mouth; direct login is usually loyal users, so the user in the back "in detail to retain users". Add, in SEO, there is a motto "content is king, the chain is emperor", for the operation of attracting users as applicable.

1.1. content construction

content is the essence of Web1.0, but also the basis of the internet. In the Web2.0 era, the UGC class and even the content of the SNS site still can not do without this foundation, but the way of operation from the operators to create content gradually change, in order to "operators" to guide users to create content". It can be divided into 3 stages:

1, which still needs operators to create content when it’s cold, but they’re pretending to be users;

2, operations need to encourage users to create high-quality content that conforms to community orientation;

3, operations need to guide users to browse what they want to see, and encourage users to participate in the formation of user interaction with users;


these three are complementary and indispensable, and the former is the basis of the latter. Some people say that sina micro-blog has not installed users? beta in August 14, 2009, requires the project team in at least one invited 20 people registered, although this did not last long, but it belongs to the category of user installed, even at this stage, countless zombie Navy 50 Fen party, standing behind the shadow of sina. Stage 2 is the sign of the community entering the period of development. Micro-blog’s 9.10 days after the delay in the beta, won the "Li Kaifu left the battle" after it officially entered the public eye, celebrities are Sina’s high quality content to create the trump card. But for most startups, such resources and opportunities are hard to come by. How to encourage users, "what, what," in line with community positioning, "how can users create high-quality content"? This is Web2.0 product operation really Kung fu. For example, the integral system of white society, such as the content orientation of vertical community itself, such as various kinds of recommendation, various squares and various certifications… Even if only 1 can produce symbols

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