Search recruitment in 100 crashed Sauber where reason

at some time ago Baidu announced a strategic investment rice group, so far, Baidu again completed a great deal, from PPS, 91 unlimited to today’s rice group, Baidu’s strategic layout is also gradually perfect and clear. On the basis of the author’s own experience, is that Baidu is trying to push its own desktop advantage gradually transition to the mobile port, and with the help of the relatively hot video, mobile application download platform and electricity supplier as a foothold.

yes, Baidu is now entering a normal development track, is no longer simply rely on for promotion because it knows care, rely on this bidding high risk model is not good for the long-term development of their own. But as a recruitment network practitioners feel themselves in this field compared to video, electricity providers and other hot plate will have a larger market value, if seize this point, it will bring to the development of enterprises of great help. Moreover, Baidu has tried the water before too hundred jobs.

for hundreds of Bo failed, the industry has many claims. Some of my friends say is 100, the operation mode of the problems, not rooted in the needs of users, but also some friends said 100, is singled out and simple, does not have the value of existence, but to find employment talent network station, one hundred primary failure in reason, and it is Baidu’s own trouble, if Baidu’s operator really to 100, thinking of it, then 100, is not lost.

What is the operation strategy and development direction of

100 job? Have thought Baidu is a similar to the recruitment, qianchengwuyou station personnel, according to the local area to open the corresponding business, but later found that Baidu’s approach is to create a hundred primary position in resource search, this is simply nonsense, why? I think Baidu search is indeed an advantage, but imagine how many people will search for jobs on the Internet, and will only show job resources may not have technical difficulties, but the business overlap is also a negative impact, such as Baidu eat a bowl of pot at the ideas and practices determines the future of Beth 100.

200 "end heard? 100, on the surface, Baidu invested 100 million yuan investment, but in fact one hundred primary control has always been the capital side, CTO, CEO and decided to stay all cannot do without the interference of the board of directors, including the later Han Xiao Ming served as general manager, a CEO long idle period we can see it, you can’t master all along Baidu 100, the final ruling position, this will seriously hinder Baidu in 100, on the strategic control and resources into Baidu, imagine 100 million yuan product delivery and cash support, 100, do not think the success is difficult, but finally failed, it must ponder.

3 is eager for profit. Now do not know, there are a few friends remember that the original home page interface, you can say that the original interface and a lot of small and medium-sized sites made mistakes, that is hanging with advertising, hope in accordance with their powerful >!

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