Venture capital and create enterprises are so optimistic about the agricultural market opportunities

NetEase technology news July 8th, according to foreign media reports, agricultural science and technology is no longer an unknown niche market. At present, the agricultural science and technology industry is a hot chase of some venture capital institutions, investment related industries continue to rise, the investment of agricultural science and technology company in 2015 venture capital institutions reached $4 billion 600 million, the highest value in three years.

in fact, for a long time, agricultural technology has not been concerned about venture capital. Only a small amount of money will be invested in biotechnology. Even in recent years, companies like to focus on Steve · Case (Steve), known as the second wave of innovation – services, social media and mobile technology. Agriculture is the lowest digital industry, according to the McKinsey Co.

Michael, O’Lakes, chief information officer of Land agricultural cooperative, Macrie ·, recently told Forbes that in 2010 there were only 20 agricultural technology companies in the United States in the United States in


but now the market opportunity of agricultural industry is increasing, which is a total output value of 7 trillion and 800 billion, accounting for GDP of the world’s total of 10% of the huge industry, has attracted more and more attention of investors. In Forbes’s 2015 annual report, a total of 503 private enterprises to obtain financing. Industry on the third wave of innovation is more and more attention. In the third wave of innovation, all companies are Internet driven technology companies, start-ups are challenging traditional industries such as hotels, transportation and other models, and now began to enter the agricultural industry.


note: Agricultural Science and Technology 2010 to 2015 annual total financing

agricultural science and technology industry has great potential, which has great demand in improving agricultural production efficiency, saving resources, meet the basic needs of the world, to ensure that consumers access to clean, safe and healthy food. To achieve all this, technological innovation is a necessary means.

, at the same time, this is a complex and diverse industries, with farmers, investors and other industry related to the multiple segments. Agricultural science and technology innovation across multiple disciplines, involving beef, dairy products, row crops, permanent crops, livestock, forestry, fishery and other types of. Each species has its own specific needs.

agricultural science and technology can be divided into the following categories:

industry: farmland input technology, including chemical fertilizers and pesticides, soil improvement agent, biological genetics, seed and feed; precision agriculture, including UAV and robot technology, big data, smart devices and sensors, farmland management software; new products and new business models, including indoor environment controlled agriculture or agriculture, agricultural honeycomb as well as investment and asset sharing etc..

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