Shangqiu Teachers College successfully build two innovation mechanism

China’s colleges and universities are stepping up support for entrepreneurial students. Shangqiu teachers college students entrepreneurship in this way is to find a win-win route, a number of data show that the Shangqiu Normal University has made the "double" work into the fast lane.

148 innovative entrepreneurial projects, more than 60 college students entrepreneurial team, paid about 50000000 yuan in profits and taxes…… In the face of such a group of figures, you could not imagine, this is the Shangqiu Teachers College Students’ pioneering work fruitful.

in the great era of innovation and entrepreneurship, deepen cooperation and jointly promote the Shangqiu normal college, in the "double" development in the flood, Yong forefront, dare to try, dare to fight, dare to "break", the release of creative passion and entrepreneurial achievements hope venture to promote the employment of college students, the "double" work the fast lane, presents a new norm.

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