Six months WeChat fans 100 thousand of the operating experience why do such a public number

introduction: everybody wants to know how the author is in the second half of this year to achieve 100 thousand WeChat fans? This article is not thorough, but the article did some reading of the WeChat community atmosphere, is worth reading. I also do some supplement in the article, pay attention to the text in bold parenthesis. In fact, the author used the method we all know, on the two methods, "push each other" and "guide sharing", but can do really little.


in fact, there are a lot of people in WeChat’s public number 100 thousand, and I’ve worked with several micro signals.

before WeChat public platform just came out, I have made a public platform on SEO, when it is very easy to apply for public platforms, unlike now, but also with the ID card to take pictures of what a lot of trouble. Of course, I just like new things. I was just trying to get a little signal to play with, but I didn’t really run the public number. At that time the public platform is not so fire now, and now "from" public platform, almost no one to play. So I have more than 3000 fans, no tube, but over a period of time that day off powder is particularly serious, but also have a small amount of powder every day, in fact I do not know what the new fans come, I don’t have to any website to do publicity, almost no article, it not reproduced, the only possibility is to bring customers.


, WeChat began to fire a little bit, and everyone started to follow the trend of WeChat public number, and then I began to have a little interest in WeChat. At that time, I wanted to operate a public number seriously. Because listening to everyone has a saying: the grass root who in the world (also say idiotic powder who in the world), I re registered operating an entertainment account, because I found similar embarrassing 100 and diffuse violence are on fire up the grass root group. As for the idiotic powder, I don’t have that ability to lei.

entertainment account has a big advantage is the content from the volume is very high, like the QQ space, just do what idiotic article will have a large number of people to reprint, probably every day all the reprint volume is all reading volume of more than 20%, the amount of reading is 10 times the number of fans, meaning that is to say, you have 10 thousand fans, the total daily reading of 100 thousand, more than 20 thousand of total daily reprint.

because many people don’t know how to share the WeChat to the circle of friends, so do most of the WeChat marketing people will love with a content later in the article to teach others how to share the articles to the circle of friends, I am no exception, of course, I don’t like a lot of people that the writing is so long, because advertisement is long the user may not be happy (I hate anyway), so I simply remind others how to share. I WeChat did not do any other publicity, fans rely solely on a large number of users every day reprinted articles brought.

here it is

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