How to promote your classified information network in the short term

(1) network promotion:

1, distributed leaflets and posters: perfect city information classification, business information, news, exhibition and show discount information directly to the user life convenient service; at the same time also enable businesses to get sufficient consumer information feedback, timely access to the best in the rapidly changing business opportunities. Initial personal, business information is free, it will attract many people’s attention. Emission place, you can choose the computer city, shopping center, residential quarters, universities, etc., you can consider from the restaurant entertainment.

2, bus body advertising, bus flow and the high flow of mobile station population density, publicity is still very good.

3, in the bus to buy an advertising position, and then write a gun text, of course, things to be true. For example, a school releases a message that says it lacks a particular book or teacher, and so on, you can help with it. When the media reports, popularity will surely rise.

4, local site must be with the local media, especially in the traditional media relationship, with newspapers, magazines, television and so on, to reach a strategic partnership with them, they can get free promotion services.

(two) online promotion

1, find local forums put text ads, and mass related publicity post

2, the release of convening information, organize related activities, such as public service activities, ah, will also get better publicity effect

3, recruit agents, allow them to develop users and contact advertising, revenue is divided into

4, friendship connection, promotion and provide PR value need

5, search engine optimization,

6, in order to attract enterprises to join, you can consider providing self-service site services, divided into free and charge two, opened two domain name, home page recommendation, such as

7, blog promotion, write blog, soft Wen, sent to the major blog, as long as your article enough to attract, not afraid of Internet users do not come,

two, profit model

1, picture ads: the most intuitive way to profit.

2, text information: to your end customers with text (add pictures), details of their products or services, will become the main profit point of the site.

3, industry agent: when the agent to a certain extent, you can recruit agents to collect agents fees.

4, enterprise self-help site, home promotion and other

5, wireless business: the future direction of development, members of the information issued by SMS certification and SMS promotion services; classified information; mobile subscription services; to provide users with mobile search content services.

three, website operation

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