How to get traffic with Sina video

traffic is always the theme of the network, to solve the traffic problems, as for how to profit, it is secondary, so we come to introduce a high traffic form. The network is now very popular video, such as Sina, have been involved in this industry, Sina video station, we can open several video, and then look at the number of publishers are browsing, high have reached thousands of times, a publisher on the inside, called the writer Hunan male, his head is he my photos, every day he uploaded some small video, he has now uploaded more than 2000 videos, traffic has reached tens of millions, he became a well-known video industry’s main broadcast, his purpose is to publicize themselves, and hope that through video station to put their fried red, as if a network of human occupation view, then we should see is his tens of millions of views, we should go to the reasonable utilization of resources, thousands of videos, it is not Big problem, then we will introduce a portal to get high traffic skills:

1. go to the webmaster forum to buy a small movie site, these small movie sites generally have thousands of video files in it.

2. downloads several BT software at the same time, then pays close attention to the newest small video every day.

3. registered a Sina user name, the name is set to the name of women, listen to some, such as Liu Xiaomei, looking for a true beauty picture, not too beautiful, looks like a look that is the best life.

4. in space description written, I hope you like my hair video, this woman QQ:XXXX.

5. every upload a video, are described in the video description, I hope you like my video, I’m from Beijing Normal University Liu Xiaomei, my QQ is XXX, I hope to make more video enthusiasts.

6. every day to upload, like this video has been viewed increasingly high proportion, more and more people to add QQ, slowly has developed tens of thousands a day IP traffic may be very easy.

we analyze some tips here, you may be in doubt, that is why it is not directly in the video description Riga URL, but QQ? Then we can think about it, and we all know the web site, advertising, we will point it? But we are QQ love for the girl talk, we can not


this is a typical case of leveraging the development, leveraging the development is divided into two forms, one form is to borrow a form, by a small force, for example, here is a borrow vigorously form, with the Sina huge traffic brought traffic for themselves, for example, all the people all make, hang QQ and chat rooms and other techniques, is small by force, by a small force is refers to the use of sea tactics to many small force set up, so as to achieve the goal, this is the two "leveraging the development of the

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