How to deal with the invalid page the wise remark of an experienced person to enhance the website va

with the fierce competition between the expansion of the domestic SEO market and the industry, let SEO practitioners face enormous challenges; I recently saw in the forum and QQ group, many SEOer now feel the optimization work hard, effect is very poor, and some even have to change, although I have no direct comment, but still really SEO want to engage in the work of friends persist, will come spring, this is just a matter of time, because I always believe that as long as the Internet is, promotion is indispensable, the future based on the Internet enterprise certainly cannot do without the promotion and marketing.

if you agree with the author, please continue reading. Speaking of Web site operators cannot do without promotion, so even now encountered very tough period, to promote their own continuous optimization techniques, the front-end technology competition will not be defeated. Website optimization skills are many, today I simply share with you an aspect: how to deal with invalid pages, enhance website value, and I hope to help you.

What pages are called invalid pages in the

web site?

invalid pages for search engines, is that no index value of the page, such as website login page and background page file, although users will have access to these pages, but does not have the index value at the same time, we do not want these pages for keywords ranking, because the page is invalid page.

invalid pages, for users, are pages without value. The main feature is:

1, the content displayed on the page, the user can not or simply do not need;

2, some duplicated pages in the website (model text over, page similarity to more than 90%), such as forums, a large number of replies to the page;

3, there are too many ads in the page, affecting the user browsing experience, resulting in the loss of users;

4, empty pages without content on the page, the page may be the website launch page no treatment or not to add the content of the page, the page can not solve the needs of users, so it can be called the invalid page.

invalid page for the new station, hazard: the blank page will seriously affect its weights and rankings; the old station, a large number of free content pages will also reduce the user experience, such as a large number of blank page site must be penalized, the worst case would be right down.

two: how to deal with invalid pages in a web site

1, for the website login page, the registration page, the background page is the information to the user, the ranking does not contribute value; so we should use the robots shield off the path, and observe the grab Baidu spider shield, in order to make more appropriate adjustment.

2, for some non content pages, we want to add some >

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