All alone Adsense to share monthly earn 3000 yuan to do station experience

from graphic design to program development and debugging to upload the final build website, updated from the maintenance site to the promotion to the information from customer development to upload advertising to customer service service to meet customer requirements, comprehensive one-stop work process done. Give vigorous youth vitality, completely diffuse wonderful poetry style and surge to the Internet without casts a thousand beams.. With the persistent love with it, and on it affectionate, choose to do a hard webmaster, and vowing to be a domineering webmaster.


home remote village, the family was poor, from the way a strong ability to live independently, there are lots of profound life experience, even a lot of girls are capable of living. Well, this is what I could have been one of the reasons why comprehensive development. From primary school to high school, has been depressing, whether it is parents or teachers, as long as you see the scores on the exam, it will put you labeled excellent students. In fact, in addition to learning, I have many strengths, but they can not see it. I got released when I went to college. Although only the general colleges, but enough to make me grow and get the talent show. They wrote "raise your hand to lift a thousand million Zhongfeng earthquake clouds, stomp hope", "may the body into a towering bird, wings straight nine high" wild poem, that a campus party took first prize under the sketch, instrumental music, poetry category, comprehensive performance two Prize speech, essay contest, I am not familiar with the alumni I will think is a marketing professional or Chinese students.

entered the post, still maintained a comprehensive style, in the network company ran business, worked as a business manager, worked as a reporter, worked as a planner, have been integrated wiring, network engineering. In small companies, the manpower is not enough, where the need to grab the top where, during the period and a few sites, good technical colleagues learned a lot of knowledge. As a result of the company transformation, take this opportunity to quit work, do a personal adsense. To do the website, we must first locate and think how to go each step. After a comparison, it was found that many places have a large portal, and in this small town where I live, I do not have a decent portal, so I decided to do portal. Originally there are two partners, but I am afraid I can’t make money, and I am encouraged to do other projects, but I have not shaken, rigid adhere to my ideas. The site name is also very important, I think a good SEO is not a good name, portals usually take XX port "," XX online "," XX online "in the name of the class, but are occupied, the last named" Qiandongnan hotline". Because of my website, which contains the Yellow Pages query module, I chose a domain name with 114.

after nearly a month of hard work, the site basically changed, uploaded the first-hand information. Because there is no other source of income, only through the website to earn money, whether or not customers have to try. How does the website have ability to make money, this is the problem that each stationmaster cares, not to mention my station is new station, more…

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