Avoid Wangzhuan road often make four wrong ideas

joined the ranks of the army’s own Wangzhuan have two years of time, compared to the work life, more freedom, regardless of time or things are what they say. Most of the friends around me are in such a state. Wangzhuan is a great concept, some people running a website, through advertising to earn income; some people open a shop, selling products; some people open a training class, students. I see all Wangzhuan, basically can not escape the three. However, I know a friend, really rely on a handful of Wangzhuan earn a lot of money, most are minor, no climate, domestic subsidies can also be. In addition to their technical ability, more is the so-called Wangzhuan, often others, for their lack of long-term planning. Do Wangzhuan luck, encountered major setbacks (such as the Baidu algorithm change), died down.

1, self limiting, not Wangzhuan full-time

filed Wangzhuan, everyone can categorically say that they can pay much. But when faced with a full-time choice, there is no such courage. This is easy to understand, if not 100 per cent sure, if it fails to move the wrong game. A lot of friends with a tentative attempt psychological industry has the potential to Wangzhuan, if, then consider entering full-time. Familiar with the network industry are clear, if you can not wholeheartedly input, do network, really do what, what can not. Recall your first entered Wangzhuan industry, in order to promote their services, to do the task in the global pig every day, every day to update the site, do blog, write the original soft every day, really is to throw the helve after the hatchet. If there is no such boldness, now should also work in a small network company. Just imagine if you did not quit your job at the moment, you should be busy with the company’s business and go home at the same time to do online work. How can you have the results today?.

2, stability, wading project potential is limited,

There are many

Wangzhuan projects, some projects, rely on the strength of a single is a single, for example, I do art to others in the pig had a little; project needs investment and energy, rely on the brain, and most of the project without careful layout all ended in failure, success will once and for all. In contrast, we are more willing to earn a little money, before can do art in the pig, a hundred blocks will be satisfied, and a blog link a few dollars for others, is a living allowance. Can such a project last long? This way, it’s always a living allowance, not a career. Many people fail in the long run, to stay in the popular project Wangzhuan original, not a good idea, the project potential and your income is proportional to.

3, not completely tested, the project blindly copied

people are very fond of copying, whether it is "Renren", "beautiful" or "buy nets" and so on, all from abroad. But behind these successful websites, there are more than they do

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