Baidu snapshot to judge link fraud

on the purchase link in the process of how to effectively prevent the liar succeed, you tell me, can read my article: the purchase link process should pay attention to prevention of

The last time the

described, are some of the commonly used method, last night around Baidu, whim, found new tactics to deal with the cheater, now share as follows:

first of all, there are 3 things in common:

1, general Baidu included are normal, at least home page

2, and BAIDU update fast, snapshot generally within 24 hours, part of 3 days

3, liar standing in general, and you talk about QQ, will do your link, and so you money, there is no

again, a feature of a normal link selling station:

their stations will have a lot of external (even if a link does not sell the station, there should be some exchange of even outside)

So how to use the BAIDU

to fangpian


is actually very simple, use the above characteristics, before the link, first through the BAIDU, SITE under his station, view the snapshot, the following map:


: a liar station snapshot is very good, in the first home page (contempt: these crooks station, do good, come out to mix, sooner or later will have to be honest, life is still good!)


Figure two:

point in, see his snapshot, and then select the CTRL+A, so you can see if there are hidden, of course you can directly see the source code! Look at this station, only 26 days snapshot could not see the connection to sell the signs, even the normal Links are not, as a webmaster, you should be able to see not normal now, No. 27 on the 26 day he check station, never enough of it, ha ha, yuanxingbilu


this kind of station, dare not say 100% is a cheater, but suggest even if, although only 99% is a cheater, so there are 1% also have great probability is liar!



practice, push down my new station, we have time to see:

finally, or suggest to buy link friends, find A5 intermediary to buy links,


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