2017 sports entrepreneurship forecast either busy living or busy dying

Abstract: in October, it is the State Council document 46 issued nearly two anniversary of the day, the first set of sports entrepreneurship basically ended, the outcome is more than a little dead. The majority of these people are sports media and long-term rooted in the sports industry; and the second is the beginning of entrepreneurship tide.

shouted for more than a year of "sports entrepreneurship spring", soon revealed the flaws, most sports company has revealed weakness, because of continued fighting against weaker ability, before the real war has not yet come, they have their arms and surrender, the company closed, or take the initiative to withdraw from the entrepreneurs.

eleven after the holiday, the distance from the end of two months, "the winter capital" will come as the bad weather, the U.S. dollar and the large size of the fund in the basic "vacation mode", had not got the money, the last stroke will be very difficult. So, look forward to the end of financing entrepreneurs must accelerate — quick, in the current environment, the money is the first element, the amount of financing, valuation, investment background are followed.

"get busy living or get busy dying."." There is such a sentence in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption".


sports entrepreneurial trend is like a roller coaster surging.

in the first half of 2015, most of the sports business projects by Document No. 46, a lot of capital to enter the sports industry, so many sports entrepreneurs easily get financing. But after half a year of baptism, by the end of 2015, most of the project die types include training, content, events, etc. at the end of 2015 about the coach, is also the capital of winter sports concept is hot, but the capital side still appear "temporary calm".

after the 2016 Spring Festival, "sports entrepreneurship spring" temporarily appeared, many projects easily, Keep valuation of billions of dollars, Kunlun, Feel, understand Timor, plump, Wyatt laps and interest movement project into C or quasi C wheel wheel.

"sports industry can not rely on a (46) file fire." The sloth bear sports activities, Wei Jizhong said.

this also means that the first set of sports entrepreneurship really end, the second dial has just begun.

specifically, the first set of sports entrepreneurship presents such opportunities and challenges:

1 crowd characteristics: sports media and traditional sports people, they take root in the sports industry, in the first set of sports entrepreneurship, they naturally take the initiative, but also the first to get the resources, financing.


2 project features: first the sports entrepreneurs mostly from CCTV-5, Sports Weekly, sports portal website or before sports company, but really ran out like a double-edged sword or a few, like Keep, plump, understand Timor and Feel are not the founder of sports industry. Logically, the sports industry or other people regardless of resources to take on

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