Baidu recently not included in the analysis of new sites

1. policy from the state:

the current environment on the Internet is too bad and unhealthy information is too much. Some time ago, the relevant policies issued by the state Baidu, Baidu may be the implementation of the rectification, the test of new sites increased efforts.

2., you complain with search users:


network is way too advanced. Search engine is the largest knowledge base, but because the majority of the garbage station owners do not bring anything useful to the user. The biggest audience of the search engine is the user, and if no one uses it, he also searches for a ball. Remember, when you search for * * * tutorials, they’re always something real.

3. pan domain name, CN domain name flooding:

has directly led to the frenzied emergence of websites. Small station, garbage station. This is also submitted to the landing, which is also submitted for landing. Such a station can do a few a day, may be Baidu’s spider, how long a pair of feet, to choose good quality of the station.

4.SEO universal:

for this, Baidu should adjust the calculation method, adjustment policy.

5. ask yourself Baidu,


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