How do make PV access to the public platform 29w from 0 in 30 days

the development of the Internet is too fast, so that many of the old by the new talent into the SEO shock slowly lost direction. 6 years earlier, the SEO market, we are still trying to search engines, work plans, research how to optimize in a leisurely manner. Bit by bit test, but 6 years later today, it seems that everyone is still commonplace, content, the chain. More and more people are losing ground in the Internet industry. No one on the Internet ", meditation, a few days ago, some friends, members of a 5 year SEO webmaster, success is not even a decent seo. We talked about you at the party, talked about how you did it, optimized, and so on… Drunk…

it’s time to calm down and think about some directions. Meditation to study some suitable for marketing areas, has always said that SEO finally spell is not technology, is thinking. How many friends are not successful case against this sentence to convince yourself? Can you really convince yourself? Thought really strong enough to translate it? When we are in the WeChat public platform, network marketing platform as a God, mustering strength force, high quality content collected every day to the end of the month, but the increase down several fans, even when they are people, inevitably some embarrassing. How many companies operate the WeChat public platform as a routine routine? Do you really lead the team to study the public numbers? How do you increase your concern? The answer may be that you know.

when most people are infatuated with the WeChat public platform, do you think about whether there are other similar media platforms? Simple search is not difficult to find, and from the public platform, public platform, China Mobile Fetion public platform, easy to believe the public platform, when your obsession in WeChat at the same time, there are thought of the public platform also has a large number of people in the hope that you think?. Today I want to share the experience is that the successful experience of using Fetion public platform powder, hope that more people devoted to the study of network marketing media, rather than by the media marketing. ".

the first step: target population positioning

Fetion use time earlier, the user base is still very large, concentrated in the age group of 20-45 years old, mostly white-collar user groups and honest stable consumptive ability of the middle class, the content of interest around the basic Internet technology, hot news and three kinds of health education.


based on the above, because my work content and education industry related, so opened and education related Fetion public account. In order to avoid advertisement suspicion, do not write public number name.

second step: boutique content accumulation

After the

account configuration, there is no hurry to promote. Users can not enter the content can not be seen, the content of the editorial affirmation, quality, in order to arouse the user’s clicks and concerns. I’m not a God. I can’t make my own high reading articles

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