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I wrote an article recently: the frequency of CN domain name transactions looks up to terminal requirements rather than to individual users. Recently, the demand for terminal transactions in the domain name market has been brisk, and the big money has been continuously analyzed. Recently, a domain name transaction came from the terminal demand. A well-known domestic enterprises "Chinese domain name trading center repurchase domain from abroad, the price of US $300 thousand. There are rumors before the buyers repeatedly shot generous domain transaction ylmf, but renamed Chinese Kong Dejing said buyers for a domestic IT enterprise, but definitely not the last. It’s not clear whether the person is investing or using it himself. He expects buyers to announce information within 1 months. Not long ago, the shortest domain name is renamed Chinese through the domain name trading center repurchase, plus the first video to buy domain name and purchased ylmf. The domain name market can be described as generous frequent.

however, there are worries behind the prosperity of the domain name market. Previous articles have also analyzed the recent large domain name transactions. The buyers are large and medium-sized websites and enterprise companies. Terminal market demand is indeed the main force in the domain name trading market, several transactions are the end of the demand for domain names and contributed to the acquisition. As we all know, CN domain name transactions and applications have been the focus of attention of the terminal and investors, and the strong demand for the terminal, to some extent, flourished the domain name trading market, and promoted the development of the domain name industry.

although COM brand advantage is huge, but CN domain name localization for domestic enterprises, and some into the domestic market, eager to localization of foreign enterprise, is a better choice. An enterprise terminal, often with the COM domain name, still fancy CN domain name for localization brand importance, and hope to obtain related CN series domain name. Brand shaping COM necessary, CN more indispensable, which contributed to some enterprises in addition to the terminal to spend money to buy COM domain name, it is at least spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of purchase related CN domain name. We can see the recent pen transaction are CN terminal domain name domain name transaction, visible CN domain name system did not affect the new series for terminal demand, whether it is perfect or real name information, business registration threshold, conform to the customer terminal. To some extent, the current terminal demand can also be regarded as a straw for CNNIC CN domain name rescue.

, however, the strong demand for terminals also reflects the downturn in the investment in personal domain names. According to the latest statistics show that the total number of CNNIC, CN domain name is 8254681, than last month fell by about 600 thousand, before the CN domain name regulation with the impact of the new deal to the real name of individual stationmaster loss of investment and the use of confidence in the CN domain, holdings and trading volume continued to decline. Not only is the CN domain name, domain name registration may like com, is still growing, but the number of deals and the enthusiasm of individual owners has been watered down, the reason for taking pictures for the record deal to blame.

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