Grassroots consciousness reference reflection difference is the webmaster operation kingly way

The success of WeChat

more or less by analyzing the favor and self encouragement, because before WeChat has several products do well, such as unfamiliar street, such as mobile phone QQ, WeChat can in a sweeping way quickly swept through the instant communication industry, in addition to learn from their good genes, the rest is WeChat’s own operating wisdom.

said WeChat behind the owner, Tencent, we still quite critical, after all, in our thinking this is a purely "reference" started the product, whether it is the main business of QQ, was derived from the video games, and the electricity supplier, we can find other predecessors of the shadow, but in the end only a Tencent to do the best, then this (electricity supplier except) can only be said to be the Tencent home.

had written two articles, introduces the background of the new era, Baidu and Ali as the measures taken by the giant, compared to Baidu’s acquisition, Ali layout, the Tencent’s own pressure will be much smaller. QQ net webmaster think because of WeChat, the Tencent to fully realize the diffraction of all business on this basis, will open up the product chain and instill quality flow, in order to bring the system and ecological effect will make every friend feel jealous in Internet technology.

but as said before, the same is done timely communication, unfamiliar street and hand Q did not play its due benefits, if the former is no backer, then the latter is Tencent’s own products, why there is still a huge gap compared with WeChat. I think the concept of product development in this is worth every webmaster learning to do Internet products.

reference, this is definitely not a commendatory terms, do it, do good products, is the lesson we must grasp the resources, otherwise in accordance with their own ideas, sometimes it will greatly reduce the work efficiency. Learning other people’s advanced things is for better progress, we must not be ashamed of it. Take one’s own example, at that time contact QQ net name this kind of website, in the mind is also playing drums, so a website type, how to make money?. This time I joined a trade exchange group, we found that early communication, rely on advertising is a main means of website profit, this time must not be too entangled in their own ability, according to the way of others go to better save time to grow, in turn, WeChat from the social Street Street attribute and exchange function, enrich their wings, enhance the grade of the product that is a wise choice.

is a reflection of WeChat worth promoting, just from the line to the operation of the public platform, and then to the public platform by rectification, WeChat’s repeated attitude sometimes let everyone for the strategic doubt. But this incident still allows you to feel WeChat’s reflection on himself and the contemplation of the effectiveness of the operation. After all, WeChat is the main battlefield of the Tencent’s future strategy, and proper reflection will make itself more secure

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