Chain transactions behind the need to guard against things


recently on the network is more prevalent may be the chain of transactions, the webmaster BBS (Chinaz, Admin5, chinahtml, etc.), have opened the link exchange / trading section, for you webmaster exchange / transaction.

so good. You can quickly get their required text link advertising. Although money is spent, but have a good ranking. Based on the observation of several QQ group where I found inside, each site has his PR value of a corresponding price, general price less.PR=5 only 15 yuan / month,.

, but as the webmaster who sell the chain. Do you think in this link sold out, you will harm yourself? Here are my personal reasons, we feel that there is nothing wrong, please advise.

one. First of all, from the point of view of interest:

you make money. This gold is extra income for you. But I found that for many webmaster. Has become a major source of income. From their station to see not less than 50. If you stand outside the chain of PR=3 (according to my observation. Many websites are at 3 PR) according to the so-called. The industry is concerned, then a chain you sell is 5 yuan / month. If there are 50 chain (mostly around 30). Your income is 250 yuan, the money can guarantee the money you smoke a month?

two. From an optimization point of view, this is what I am most focused on, and should be very careful:

do you think your website pages included in the search engine slowly began to decrease? Do you think a lot of keywords is not ranked in the first page? Are you in the nearest PR updates, PR suddenly decreased? Have been imminent. We do not observe the website following what is your problem where is


1. is currently doing a lot of IT industry, more than 90% close links, all is doing it, so you sell website links with your site theme related or complementary is almost no? Unless you are a game site for buyers. This does not belong to the high quality of the link, at the same time for sellers. Engine think of your site keywords are not related to the subject (the current stack world then several servers, so will a lot of repeat keywords).

According to the calculation principle of

2. PR, due to " the importance of a page is the average transfer to its reference "" therefore, in turn, link to a page too much will cause the potential loss of the PR value this page (you can 2 points of principle" see algorithm based on PageRank (help "ranking) of this article). You said you are so much a number of links, you can not reduce the PR value? The PR value once reduced.

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