How high is the rate of return at individual stations

in the first premise, please forgive me and I will be a witness for the site drying out a look, this reader the webmaster excuse me, that is not AD or AD or both, whatever, just talk about personal essays, writing is not how, still hope.

I made a new software download site, the time is not long, three months have more, from zero IP to now one thousand and five hundred IP, I constantly in the analysis of the new site of the parties from the source statistics. I found that the rate of return of the site is not as ideal as in other articles. Why do you say that? I once read an article, write a few articles, still unable to forget the words: a concise advertising site will certainly be affected by the identity of Internet users! Retention rates are much higher than him!! today I write this article because of this. In the end of the sentence saying: P is simply a word! Now the Internet website is almost flooding, countless download station. Again how concise site, also won’t have too high rate of return,


my download station now has a steady daily rate of about one thousand and five hundred independent IP. Statistics show that the average monthly daily turnover rate is one IP. So calculate down, fifteen thousand independent IP. It’s only 10 days a day, and most of these users come by search engines or search your station name instead of hitting your domain name. Therefore, even if the site is no matter how clean back rate is far less than the SEO master do back rate high! What a good user experience, also can not get back to the high rate, as SEO station, access to the high rank high, good


in today’s Internet, has been ten years ago that, talk about what the site back rate is simply out of. Now the search engine, ranking good, first, to buy money for location, two is to understand SEO masters, and three is the old station. Also want to go back to the high rate of the site, there is, is that your site must have many of the original data, this kind of thing, or not to think about what look!


is not about some experience that an article "Admin5 graph king": it must immediately make money, there are many webmaster think, my site was two thousand or three thousand IP is not good money, my flow is too small, I don’t want to make money, or wait for later to make money, I feel it not necessary, you today 5000 IP, Baidu letter to you tomorrow, you have no. Your website today is the good website, is your "fish" website, Baidu today to 40 thousand IP, IP to search how to stay tomorrow, you can check, any website, your website traffic can not be more than 1% of the net station is left behind, many today the search for 10 thousand IP, to second years, you still direct input, or only 10 thousand IP, so we have to put these people, they come to our site, we do not put their money down, why, right. Make money, make money immediately

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