B2C might be a way out for a small SNS site

1, with the rise of happy nets, SNS’s limelight is more vigorous.

2, SNS how profitable? Now it seems, in general, there are two categories, one is traffic for advertising; two is built-in games, such as web games to profit. But these two kinds of profit will be built on the basis of large traffic, for those small SNS, especially regional SNS sites, what is the way out?

3, like the school, 51, happy like large SNS days after the competition will enter the Red Sea, because of their ambitions in the country, bigwigs are usually very fierce competition.

4, with the popularity of open source codes like UC and center, SNS sites have sprung up, not every SNS site has such a big flow. How can those SNS sites with only thousands of registered members live?

5, by advertising? Who looks at these thousands of members of the group? By game,


6, personally, thinks B2C might be a way out.

There are three

and 7 SNS is a small reason, although small, but also gathered a considerable part of the population of Internet users, especially with the regional prevalence of SNS, polymerization of stronger such that they are real purchasing power. The two is the current SNS mostly rely on innovative games to attract people, keep flow, for large SNS, can develop some unique API, but not SNS, have the strength, how to keep people? Three is selling stuff on SNS, are more likely to form a circle effect, because SNS itself to solve the problem of propagation and as long as a suitable product, there will be sales.

8, recently, the gift of the pig has opened the site proxy, and all kinds of websites seeking content cooperation, some of which are small SNS community website. Large natural look down upon us, but there have been a lot of regional SNS webmaster to talk to us when he revealed some of his own ideas: rely on the game to keep people? Just a moment, still want to rely on the existing SNS Group sales of some suitable products. The essence of SNS is aggregation, which is well suited for products that rely primarily on word of mouth.

9, selling personalized gifts on the SNS website, adds a service to the SNS website itself and brings benefits. And personalized gift itself is also mainly rely on word of mouth marketing publicity, which is very consistent with the characteristics of SNS: circle culture.

10, I’m not saying that all SNS websites can sell personalized gifts, just think of something else from this point, in addition to personalized gifts, you can also sell more products.

11, maybe this is a road.

China’s 100 bit Internet CEO panorama survey: http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20080921/105173.shtml

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