How to distinguish between good and bad tea shop location

we all know, no matter what shop to choose to shop address, then the location of it, can not be ignored in the process of success, let Xiaobian to introduce tea shop location, good and bad, how can you tell it.

"store toward" why think associated with Feng Shui, but is not the case, a shop store facing, especially Front Gate, is very exquisite. This is related to the local climate, wind direction, sunshine, sunshine time and so on. Such as the south of the city, facing to the West will store in the summer sun, without hair, because customers will be hot and consumer into the store, the shop installed temperature reducing device cost is high, also very little, if in front of the store to set up the classical and simple kiosk or to avoid the sun, your customers will naturally at the same time in the shop to avoid the sun, greatly increasing the probability into the store.

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