Did fail My career as a webmaster

from 2003, my friend taught me how to cut the legend. I started playing for two years, and then graduated from junior high school. Because of personality problems, did not go to college. (probably a legend, a Tuesday night, all right.)

dad helped me find a computer occupation school, in the school I met a bunch of good brothers (male or female), the first semester met a sophomore year old than my brother, because one of his remote control, reminds me of the male character problem of fire, he taught me, I from the early 2004 contact the so-called hackers, as long as the money to buy a bag of black book. In 2005, August, I found out that my friend, he was not engaged in programming. I continued to live in my black station, so I persisted until 2006, when I finally arrived at the assignment. I do well, he better (Yu Menzhi), thus assigned to a different place, wages are low, 600 yuan / month (Chongqing), is too disdainful, three months later, and assigned to a business bureau inside when printing member (typing ^_^, online leisure), I every day in the black *, download tutorial, do some tutorials released, the feeling after some trouble, I have a friend sent a message saying, hackers garbage, money is also dangerous, learn the essence, not to learn is not to play. Network although some friends made money, work six months later, I was in the unit once careless, the other people’s server to collapse, because the technology is not in place, failed to recover him, but fortunately, the administrator did not pursue. That’s it. I haven’t been to the black station since then.

in May 2007, because I loved CS, I found a game station and did a good job..

later I started learning website production, 2007.6 months a station (now known to the villagers, but also the name), he made a comrade, he said the flow of tens of thousands, can make money.

At that time I

the line conditions in the unit to download a PowerEasy system, began to search relevant modifications and use in the online tutorial, learning for a long time, worked out the wo hacker website, now the domain name expired, then the server said to drive type hacker website. Give up, behind I opened a website, to ask someone how to make money, he said to apply for GGAD advertising, I would have applied, for the two or three, became a success, was not collected, do not know what optimization, always tired in the update, a look at the flow, a bit depressed,,,,,,

looks at what’s going on. I started working at the health station in 2007.7, and it’s boring. Change. 2007.9 months later the knowledge of computer network, began to flow from Jishijibaijiqian, now put GGAD up. More than a month I work for money, 2008.3 months to resign at home doing nearly 1 months, in 4.10, GGAD wrote that your account is disabled (I may be calling code error, error), when >

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