Share my little experience with what ‘m doing

I mixed in stationmaster net for more than two months, with a careful study of yesterday I do 3 months of station, finally IP exceeded 1000, PV through 1W, a little fun, especially to write something here, what do stand experience, I hope everyone a lot.

I do

station is (39 Health interactive network), this station is selected health theme, the beginning is really what also do not understand, in the establishment of the time, in the two space, get tired, in stationmaster net posted behind and want to sell the station, but no to sell, and ZhengZhan links from dynamic to static, when Baidu included, and from static to dynamic, then Sogou has a collection of 10W pages, it wasted a lot of time, so long, not from the Baidu search to flow, but in a post Baidu know and a lot of traffic every day, 100 IP 1-2. But I always see you to pay attention to the chain, so I in some well-known health forum issued a lot of posts, and some sites do friendship connection, but my connection, attaches great importance to the relevance, fortunately, I stand at the end of 08, PR was changed from 0 to 3.

with the weight lifting, and along with the increase of the chain, Baidu included more and more, once received more than 5000 pages, I stand from Baidu and other search to flow more and more, yesterday is more than 700IP.

through the three months do stand experience, once again proven predecessors said, should adhere to, and now I stand every day update, Baidu is also a day to visit 5000 times; also, is to do the station, we must select the theme, think of yourself to do what, choose the space, do not covet cheap, I because of this station in the two space, wasted a lot of time.

brother temporarily write these, continue to study hard, I hope you will exhibitions.

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