The nternet webmaster want to do to fight a protracted war

November Hollywood disaster area 2012 hot release, not only the global box office is amazing, and just a few weeks on the record of the domestic box office, set off a boom in the global disaster film immediately, like a night regardless of everyone, there are talking about the Mayan prophecy, guess 2012 will really like in the movie. Come, Mountains fall and the earth splits. hongshuitaotian. However, from 2012 and three years, we have too much time to Lenovo even unfounded speculation, with profound respect and humility. Mayan prophecy also said that in 2012 the human race will enter a new era, does not mean the end of the world. However, for individual webmaster, 2012 "doomsday" has come in 09 years is coming to an end 10 years of the coming new year in December, in fact, is not too cold, but the owners confidence and enthusiasm should be said has already dropped to ten degrees below zero. From the beginning of December has continued and intensified a series of events across the board will strike BLOCKOUTS many webmaster hard to do the Internet website, the precarious, the webmaster want to have a Noah’s Ark to save their own website.

the BLOCKOUTS crackdown, the purpose is to combat Internet pornography and illegal information. The starting point is correct, the existence of pornographic illegal information for the entire Internet for every webmaster have serious harm. Not only will the proliferation of bad information on the Internet, the Internet Security and norms have great harm, not only for the network construction of spiritual civilization and the long-term healthy and orderly development of hinder the proliferation of pornographic websites will also affect the majority of law-abiding owners of the normal network entrepreneurial behavior. However, the way of governance has deviated from the original intention of combating illegal pornography. Although this crackdown has made some achievements, but there are still a lot of illegal pornographic website rampant on the network, they have a set of escape review methods, or server in a foreign country, or is the domain name change constantly, hiding the true information. Close up across the board, more is to combat those websites against not only the site, is the webmaster do stand enthusiasm and to the network business on the Internet and vision of a better future.

because of an illegal information, the whole cabinet has been closed, because a pornographic website, the entire computer room has been shut down. This may be 1000 sites, 990 are regular sites, they have great prospects for the development of the Internet to do their own contribution, but because of the "one size fits all", a few years of painstaking effort will be in vain. Stationmaster net triumphantly learned there are many examples of Guangdong students network ( owners reflect, his website is for students in Guangdong province regular website, the website includes student learning, discussion, fashion, games, mobile phone, clothing, animation, digital entertainment, music, sports, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.. There is no legitimate business website illegal information, server in Anhui Chinese website, but from December 1, they were seized because Yanhuang network implicated has not restored access. The site can not be opened, first >

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