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travel website has been a more competitive industry, domestic online ticket booking, hotel reservations and other business travel sites large and small, no less than 1000. In order to be able to stand out in this industry, not only need good marketing, better customer service, after-sales service, in the details of the site’s products, or even increase.


, for example, the previous travel website on the hotel reservation scene, in addition to simple text description, at most with a few more pictures inside the hotel, the customer can only see what the hotel is like, not intuitive enough. For better user experience, some travel websites launched a panoramic view of the 360 degree Hotel, allowing customers to have a full picture of the hotel’s interior through high-definition FALSH video.


Ctrip, eLong Travel Network, mango network, is now the so-called authoritative travel booking website rankings in the TOP3, the three sites in the travel booking industry has been very competitive. Before I wrote this article, I went to see the background of these three websites. Ctrip’s headquarters is Shanghai, eLong in Beijing, mango in Shenzhen. Are each accounted for a hill, in the area where the market share is a leading position. However, from the national occupancy rate, Ctrip is still ahead. As the industry leader, in the product function is certainly not lost to some small sites, these three websites are offering 360 degree panoramic video Hotel, now to compare, in the product details, who do better.


one: Ctrip, eLong Travel Network, mango network 360 degree panoramic video sample analysis


1: Ctrip: 360 degrees Hotel panoramic video legend:


the hotel panoramic video Ctrip’s legend, the function is very simple clean. Click on the FLASH button on the left navigation to convert different scenes. Through the FALSH video on the underside of the three buttons, you can watch around, you can also pause. The only thing I’m sorry about is that the screen is too small. I used QQ cutting test, screen length and width is about 330*240, feeling a little. Another is that the right button on the upper right side of the screen is a bit chicken ribs, I do not know what the east side has. If you do not want to see, you can directly turn off the page, if you want to turn to the next scene, the direct switch on the line, I feel that the button is closed on the opportunity to use.


2: eLong Travel Network: 360 degrees Hotel Panorama video legend



elong’s 360 panorama gives me the first impression that the screen is bigger, clearer, and cool. I used QQ cutting test, screen aspect ratio was 560*345. > Ctrip

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