Shallow change domain name to sell three have to say experience

If you are a

webmaster, you must be in the past few years for the development of the site has registered several domain names, but for some reason, these sites are not built, now to profit for the purpose of selling the domain name of the business was very popular, why not use these idle domain money? This will maximize the guide to follow the prescribed order to help you sell the domain name, and most importantly, reflect the maximum sale value.

first step – make sure your domain name has some commercial value.

we all love to imagine our domain name is the best, but you look as long as you go to the domain name trading site you will find in a large number of domain names for sale your request is easily replaced, even think it is so rare in.Com domain.

in order to sell your domain name, you have to do some preparation for it. There are a lot of good domain names around you, but good ones aren’t necessarily equal in value.

here is a couple of ways to analyze whether your domain name has the potential to sell.

A) asking about the sale of other domains

The easiest way for

is to register the domain name on a large domain name trading site (such as and participate in the forum discussion. Ask some simple questions, such as:

does anyone like Or do you think is selling


if you get a realistic reply from the forum, this means that your domain name will have more opportunities to sell. Otherwise, you’ll just have to try something else.

B) obtain domain valuation

in, you can receive free service on domain name by valuation model and get a reference valuation.

once you submit the domain name valuation, Eachnic members are free of charge for the valuation and will give domain names comments.

in order to get the valuation of other members for your domain name, you must publish them to them. You can evaluate their domain name first and then submit your own domain name.

you have to think about the value of your domain name as a reference to your domain name. Read the valuation guide, and even if you can choose the valuation of the domain you like, you’d better choose some domains that already have a lot of valuations. And as a basis to estimate the value of your own domain name.

second step – to promote your domain name for sale

has 101 different ways to promote your domain name. One way I don’t recommend it is to send email to some companies. Write an email to 200 banks and ask if they want to buy ‘’

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