Online entrepreneurial experience site must choose the domain name

Wang, a high school friend of mine, chose to start his own business 4 years ago and gave up his chance to pursue further studies. It turned out that his choice was correct at the outset. 4 years later, he is already a very famous webmaster, monthly income close to 6 figures, and I just graduated, became a full poor scholar, each month’s wages only enough to eat, ashamed.

his website is a Wangzhuan network, the entire site less than ten individuals, one year has created a net profit margin of about two million, really amazing! Four years, let a poor boy, became a millionaire. The world is full of miracles, believe it, or doubt it. He’s always out of his expectation.

because of the city, we have a lot of opportunities to meet. Yesterday, I paid a special visit to him and got to know what he had done in the past few years. Below, I have arranged our conversation, hoped that can give the friend some enlightenment.

first of all, attitude decides everything. He said that the primary problem of Internet entrepreneurship is mentality. It takes courage to make an entrepreneurial decision, especially for a newly graduated high school student. Entrepreneurship means losing the chance to pursue further studies and losing what people call "value-added" opportunities. For this problem, he added "helpless smile, then said, each book house of gold, Chinese for thousands of years of cultural accumulation, in favor of the reading is the best way to increase, or even the only way. It was not difficult to imagine that the decision he made was heavily stressed by the cultural tradition, and his mother almost cut off all ties with him.

, however, he stood firm at last. The only thing to do is to build a website, to maintain and operate its own choice. 4 years later, it turned out that his decision was not wrong, and he came up with a value-added approach, that is, choose the right direction and start your own business. It’s also a good way to increase your own value. "Go, intentnesses, undivided attention to the goal of" mentality, bring success to him now. State of mind, to some extent, determines the success or failure. If he had backed off, what would he be like today? Surely, the two choice, the result is natural.

secondly, choose the right direction. This direction is determined by the advantages that you can have in the future. Self employment is not the same as regular work. In general, work has the characteristics of immediacy, experimentation, and variability, which means there is room for choice. If you don’t work well or you don’t like it, you can change it again. But for an independent entrepreneur, especially a rural high school graduate, entrepreneurship means that once you invest, it’s hard to get out of it, and funding is a major bottleneck. At the time, he borrowed 30 thousand dollars from the bank to build the site. For a rural household whose income is less than 1000 a month, this is undoubtedly an astronomical figure. So, in order to start your own business, you should choose the right direction and do what you are most interested in and have potential for

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