What should we do after the station

now includes some enterprises all have their own website, the website I believe everyone will do, spend some money can not fix, a site of the Guan Jian is to keep the user browsing your website often, how to keep your users is not difficult?.

first of all, you need to have a relatively easy to remember domain name (such as: www.123.com) and the Internet has sufficient broadband connections and other conditions, but also follow the following basic principles:

1, website content structure is reasonable,

it’s important that a good website attracts users. We have to take the time to organize the information that we want to publish reasonably so that visitors can retrieve the information they want quickly and accurately, which is the key to the success of a website. If a web site does not allow users to quickly find what they are looking for, then it is hard to attract visitors.

two, website information must often update, update content must be original,

whether enterprise website or personal website, home page design again beautiful, also can attract users only once two times, if want to attract users to browse for a long time, you have to constantly update the information on the web page. Remember to update the content of each page as much as possible in the home page. Because of the structure of website content is generally a tree structure, although some sites frequently updated pages, but the contents of each update is put into all levels of forum or column, the viewer does not know what update. So be sure to show the recently updated web directory in the first page, so that visitors browse. And the content of the update must be original. Why do you want to be original? (for example, your updated information, like other websites, will bring users nothing new and users don’t like to value the same thing)

three, website content all Chinese search function,

What is the

search function, popular to say to say we are going to find something and it is on the 521st page, we can not find the pages of it, so you have to use this function? If you do not know can go to Baidu search.

if a website has only a few pages of content, then it does not need to be retrieved in all Chinese, so it can be queried. But what if a website has hundreds or even thousands of pages? Therefore, in order to improve the practicability of the website, a website of a certain size must provide full Chinese retrieval ability so that users can find information about this website.

four, let visitors participate in website construction (information interaction ability)

, if a web site is for browsing only, and cannot guide visitors to participate in web content construction, then its appeal is limited. The charm of a web site can only be fully expressed when browsers can communicate easily with information publishers. The success of the game website fully illustrates this point.

above views and experience for your reference, but I personally suggest.

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