Non mainstream sites should not be too careful become no flow

to say non mainstream, we must first talk about the mainstream. As the name suggests, the mainstream is accepted by the public, there is a unified standard, a unified model, unified behavior, uniform dress up; non mainstream that is unconventional, showing personality, not popular.

do not know when, 90 generation is considered non mainstream representatives, non mainstream, that is, 90. And now, in 2009, 90 people are no longer small children, their largest adult, and some have entered the community, active in all sectors of society. In the webmaster ranks, there are 90 master, they hide behind the Internet, their achievements in the virtual society’s valiant record. Of course, today we don’t want to say 90, we only talk about non mainstream websites.

with the non mainstream groups continue to mature, awareness continues to make public, non mainstream team is becoming stronger and stronger, and non mainstream websites have emerged. For non mainstream web site, the webmaster want to be some people who are 90, or see the non mainstream market after 90 webmaster. These webmaster perhaps itself is a member of the non mainstream, through the website to express their views, exchange their preferences, display their talents, use the Internet to make more companions. Throughout a number of non mainstream web sites, there is nothing to say about the non mainstream people’s life, hobbies, views, fashion and other content, the entire non mainstream web site is full of vibrant prosperity.

but, after 80, I really do not understand the non mainstream personality, views, alternative display. Of course, this does not rule out the generation gap of the times, after all, 80 and 90 after a difference of ten years. The background of the times, the difference in living environment, communication between the two generations is not easy. Let’s not discuss the communication between the two generations. Let’s get back to business. The following summarizes the common points of non mainstream websites.

first of all, non mainstream web sites are unique in web design and strive to be novel.

landing non mainstream web site, the first feeling is to come to non mainstream picture library, the site picture more, slide more, dynamic more. Most of the non mainstream sites have several categories, non mainstream handsome guy, beauty, non mainstream portrait, clothing, pictures, hairstyles and so on. Some pictures, very few words and not enough readability. The website color is colorful, perhaps this is non mainstream preferences, the mainstream people look more difficult to accept.

such as the non mainstream Chinese network, the author thinks that this website is the mainstream and non mainstream in the website, the slogan of "personality dress encyclopedia", teach people how to dress, dress collocation, make up; provide many non mainstream pictures, QQ picture download etc.. I am not its target user, do not think this website is done well, very confused, do not know its target user is not mainstream experience how, I just publish individual viewpoint.

in addition, the content of the non mainstream websites is very miscellaneous and extensive, and the location is not clear.

, some non mainstream sites are very difficult to locate. Non mainstream only >

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