The local website explores the need for deep communication

I’m a local station master. Station Daye Fengyun network has been officially running for almost two years. In the past two years, we have experienced the loss of data, the server machine, replacing the domain name all the hardships, but eventually stick to now become the local most popular, the most influential website, 09 years of our website activities more than 20 time on local newspapers, television, newspaper and even. The line also set up their own a bike, volunteers, car club team. We also have good relations of cooperation with local government departments, social organizations and enterprises.

although we are not profitable at the moment, I am sure it will not be too far away from this goal. It is hard to do because the central station, we like the three line of the city, and no successful mode is too good to draw on, are feeling the stones, a lot of detours, but also a lot of things wrong, although there are a lot of friends around very enthusiastic friends to help. However, the webmaster all know, a webmaster’s goals and ideas, with a non webmaster people are very different.

these two years, I basically operate independently, it is difficult to have their own way of thinking, close, or complementary friends deep exchanges. I often go to A5 or other webmaster class website learning experience, but there are too many soft Wen is soft, so soft, and it is difficult to expand the depth of communication. A few stationmaster group, but the forum’s friends all know, exchange forum and group communication there is a big difference, Chinese network development for more than 10 years, but the rise of the local website is a thing in recent years, with the long lane as the representative of the local site, there are quite a few have been made success, but more local sites are still struggling, I always think, do local site with other types of sites are very different.

other types of websites can be successful through SEO, promotion, etc., but local websites have to plan, operate, organize offline activities and do well in social relations and other ways to grow and develop. Therefore, proficient in technology or SEO webmaster may not be able to do a good place, the site, the local website of the webmaster’s personal quality and ability requirements are very high. By relying solely on one’s own abilities, many people feel that the heart is willing and the flesh is weak.

I think local webmaster should hold together, communicate and share. Because apart from local competitors, anyone can be friends. There is no conflict of interest between them. They can cooperate with each other and grow together. I communicate with the webmaster of several webmaster websites. I hope they can add the layout of local websites in their forum. But they were all declined. Because now the development of local websites really did not become mainstream, but also because it did not become mainstream, so the opportunity is also vast local webmaster.

I want to do a single place in the exchange platform for myself, but I also know by my ability is not enough, at the end of last year in Hubei webmaster conferences, know Wuhan station China doll.

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