Novice webmaster summary to write with the novice you and outside the sidelines

in fact, for the webmaster line, I contact a little earlier, but has been busy and trivial, no time to take into account, so often hung with rookie rookie label.

today, although still immature small webmaster qualifications (for a low-key master Admin5 speaking), but this time for their own growth, I think it is necessary for you entering the game, a little bit, a little bit of help, Admin5 is a good place, only to open for you to accept. Always learn some professional knowledge is wealth, don’t think I’m nonsense, today’s Internet, information asymmetry is quite powerful, useful, practical, high efficiency, has been sealed up for sale price, you have access to the so-called tutorial information, actually because of the timeliness, the gold content inside maybe just one or two words, and the old method of taking a new road will inevitably be rebuffed, and confidence, and then the negative perfunctory, slowly vicious spiral. Here in Admin5, I admire the most is a share, share their experiences in the webmaster bit, the essence of which records analysis is to refine what you want to do, no one is willing to put the white dish cut well, end to you, let your food to mouth, we are the same. The same result is the same, or worry, always want someone to listen to his heart, in fact had the idea, but still hope to be understood and accepted by people, be praised, get more recognition, It’s only human., we are the same, as people can also custom, the amount. Digress. So don’t expect something for nothing, don’t be too trusting the tutorial, see themselves, more analysis of the experience of others, experience, lessons, you summed up a set of things to come, a set of their own things to gold, which is self-evident.

in the past, I always thought what station, programming, C language, is a high technology content, touch, look a bit dizzy, but the subconscious has already begun to resist this so difficult, I can’t play, in fact, there are a lot of things, but I later, in a time of practice to gradually understand, this thing is on several levels, they are a little too frighten yourself, then others learn their own website, HTML, CMS, fabric cloud, silly everything yourself, don’t understand to turn the tutorial, you don’t consciously waste a lot of time and effort, and that we can do is not very ideal, when you pay and harvest, self doubt is inevitable, then depressed and perfunctory, later because of SEO month old friends. Often pay more than 6K, more than double my handsome, often lead a gay life to me at that time, the envy, self motivated, I do not say to SEO, on which a month how much, at least with his own salary to complement each other, I can imagine a layman like me. Find the wall, and then feel again against the wall, during the day, a little bit of effort is the heavy daily work to the press at left back in the evening.

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