Share my film station promotion experience summary

said, "the movie station, I think most of the webmaster has done or is running, the film station is also very low threshold, as long as a MAXCMS, everything is done.". At the same time, the development of the network provides a grounded cinema opportunity for everyone, Indoorsman Indoorswoman are possible to shrink at home, lying on his watch online love movies, video. So the advantage of being a movie station is self-evident, but whether you can make the movie station profitable is another matter.

‘s primary task is to categorize your site and optimize your site structure. The finer the classification is, the better. When you sort out your site, the user searches for it quickly, and the user often goes to your site to search for the movies he wants to find. This is the amount of traffic your site needs.

about the movie station advertising problems I have always felt the movie station should flow again if you talk about advertising, film advertising website, so please don’t try to choose the pop-up ads, because it is very easy to give users misunderstanding, thought the advertisement is a virus, and stood in the user’s point of view it took the pop-up ads mandatory, would let users hated. There is, when your movie station advertising, try to choose some high integrity business services, for you as an advertising medium, if released some false information advertising, if the user because of advertisement suffered a loss, the user will think you are wrong, not to review ads, so you you will lose a lot of users.

Another is the use of Baidu’s

Post Bar to promotion, I want to say is Baidu because of the way of management, if you separate post it, soon all related to your website domain name posts will be deleted. If you want to get in Post Bar legitimate release rights to the domain name, you’d better just comply with Baidu’s rules, you can go to provide the solution for the user, your website at the end of the posts and links.

in addition to Baidu’s stick, Tencent SOSO management is relatively loose, you can also go up to expose a face, increase the exposure rate of the site. There’s blogging, but blogging isn’t very effective at promoting the movie station. But blogs are quickly indexed by search engines, and the traffic is good.

the last way is to exchange links. You can also submit your web site to some address sites. Personally, I think it’s better to exchange friendly links. Please indicate, golden Wangzhuan Forum:

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