Castle Peak Zhang wild entrepreneurs do not forget the nature of business

as an investor, I always remind myself not to interfere too much investment projects, no matter what kind of thinking and action entrepreneurs are facing the direction of success, all the way to go through. But there is one thing I have to remind them: do not forget the nature of business.

This is not the past remind

we see too much out of thin air, made a lot of entrepreneurs to deviate from the commercial nature of things, and the trend in front of the tides, the last departure from business at the beginning of the heart; we also see too many entrepreneurs start carrying a full of feelings, encounter a commercial torture immediately Yang boat; we also see a lot of Founder immersed in their own past experience and mode of thinking, opening and closing are their own professional importance first; some founder, simply indulge in their "hard" in the circle of friends in various activities and meetings in the daytime the evening sun, totally do not know their focus where is the.

when we voted in the past, in addition to a detailed understanding of the origin of each dream, I will pay more attention to its business logic and feasibility. We respect every dream, but we value it more. This is sometimes not a good reason to be pleased, but I think for investors, so that entrepreneurs drink ten thousand pot of chicken soup is not as good as a responsible". On the one hand, entrepreneurs should be responsible for investors, on the other hand, investors should be responsible for the LP, these responsible, the key is the nature of business.

What is the nature of the business of? It is very simple, as Milton, a contemporary economist, said: "the essence of business is to make money." "what is the nature of the business of the

?. I know that this "cruel", and not sexy, will scare a lot of entrepreneurs, but this is the first lesson entrepreneurs need to learn. Even if entrepreneurship packed and sexy, we also should be aware of its essence is a business, as a business to treat your business projects, the project is likely to be alive.

truth is often like this: a profit can not see the hope of the project, and then the feelings of investors will not vote. A large number of projects in the early money can burn, because we can see the greater profit and return. Whether you "flow", for having heard it many times or entrepreneurs with "entrance", whether it is to attend various activities of the PR, or rapid iteration, we must not forget, what is the ultimate aim of the ultimate goal, along the way a lot of choices will do much good. We often see a lot of entrepreneurs halfway, completely squandering charming eyes, gradually ignored the direction to go. There is no rhythm and target to do the market, blindly rush flow, or is immersed in the existing achievements, and dare not change. These are forget the commercial nature of the performance, when you always remember the commercial nature of this thing, do we like the generation of entrepreneurs (now we call them traditional entrepreneurs, but they get a better understanding of the nature of the business) as the road of entrepreneurship may send.

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