New station 15 days by Baidu successfully included experience summary

my new 10 network Adult supplies Adult supplies, men, women Adult supplies network station 15 days success was collected by Baidu.

psychology is very happy, ha ha. Labor finally has the results. From the web line to the collection, which lasted 15 days,.

below, I said my website, site to include the whole process, what have you done,.


on the first day, went to the major search engines login under their own station, and then published some of the original article at the station.

second days, to webmaster nets and other major web site wrote a few soft Wen, and then to his previous registration of sina and search arc blog made a connection,.

third days, go to Baidu know, answered a few questions. And Baidu post bar.


, every day is to repeat the above process,.

is actually included in the Baidu is not difficult, as long as everyone insists on updating his website every day, and keep originality. Less than a month must be Baidu included.

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