Website do not make money three big reasons the key third

the Internet is now very fire, the fire has to can’t imagine life without the Internet will be how to live on a toilet cannot do without the mobile phone, so many grassroots Adsense is born, of course, is not only the grassroots webmaster, there are many enterprises, micro business, individual users are thought to do, but most of the sites are not reached the purpose of making money, even the basic role of publicity did not reach, if you do not make money is the site owners, or there is no website friends, may wish to take a look at this article Cen Huiyu share, hope to help everyone.


reason one: website unmanned, no traffic,

in the Internet world, what is the most important? The most important traffic flow, mean value, but there are a lot of friends can have the number of site visitors every day observation site every day? I believe that 40% of the webmaster do are vase sites, 40% of people do not understand, 15% people is not the site, only 5% of people successful website to make money, this is many webmaster do website reasons, do not make money so Cen Huiyu to give people advice here: do not necessarily make money, do not have no money. Not making money is because you have no way.

solution 1: if you have the money, then fine, don’t want to spend too much energy and head, you can try to do Baidu for natural ranking, or hire a technician to help you promote, or use envelopes do marketing activities, to attract fans flow.

solution 2: if you have no money, how to do? Is not easy to make out the website, no traffic is equal to no customers, if the budget is relatively low, you can try to do SEO natural ranking and accurate customer search, but anyway, if you do not want to pay, you have to spend a lot of energy, there are a lot of SEO technical articles on Cen Huiyu’s blog, do not detail here, can not understand private chat.

two reasons: the site of the purpose is not clear, throwing more money is also no good

I always have words sum up their experience, can make money not on the website, but by the market demand of the decision! Before doing a website, you have to consider what is the purpose of this site? Of course, most will promote to make money, fine, the website can achieve the promotion effect. But can not achieve the purpose of making money, because of the Internet, all are not consumers.


and a small intelligent toilet local customer communication, I asked him, why do intelligent toilet sites? He said because I is the product of intelligent toilet, so I have to do such a website. When a web site to do it, did not receive a cooperative order for two or three months, he came to me and asked me what was the matter, the site is not the money pit ah? I asked him: what people need the intelligent toilet? Guiyang this place how many people know that the smart toilet? Among so many people watching the website would you pay for how much.

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