Content is the king of the times our webmaster should go from here

content is king, has become a symbol of our SEO era, perhaps in the future there will be a better era, but now we need to grasp this era. The reason why the content is king called an era, because we SEOer when doing optimization has not only simple pseudo original, not simply to send the chain, not only to optimize the code, we need to do is: high quality website content.

content is king of the times, we should decide on what path to follow? To solve this problem, we first ask yourself, how many of our webmaster in the construction of website content is very hard? We have many people in the original article, the number of people in a pseudo original, many people in the collection? Even if it is original, how about our original efficiency? If you in the pseudo original, pseudo original you will high quality? All these questions tell us in this not bad but also not good times, we should pay great attention to the construction of high quality content.

1. What kind of content is high quality content?

The high quality content of

website should do the following four aspects:

1, rich in content and original. Do not simply copy paste.

2, content professional reliable, and guarantee quality, guarantee the true authority.

3, the title of the article contains keywords, preferably popular keywords. Articles and websites have a high degree of relevance.

4, title and content, from the user’s point of view, to solve user needs, to attract users to browse.

two, who would you like to see on the website?

The content of

before the construction of high quality, we should make clear the content of the website is to see who? All the time, there are two views: one that is to search engines, they think the only search engine recognition, search engine will put the content of the website is recommended to the user, so when they are in construction the content of the web site to attract search engine principle, try to do new original content; on the other side the content of the website that is ultimately to the user, they think on the construction of website content only to high quality content to attract the attention of the user, the conversion rate is increased, so the relevant authority content they always the construction of high quality. These two viewpoints have some truth, although I prefer the first method, but when we content in the construction site should pay attention to the combination of two aspects, because the content of a web site to search engines look to the user. Only with two aspects of operation, we can build higher quality content of the website.

three, how to build high quality content,


construction of high-quality web content, because of their different industries, there are different practices, here I will first introduce what we have to do.

1, first of all, to improve the reliability, authority and authenticity of the content of the website. Site >

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