suddenly lost my website

I’ve been standing there for almost two years, starting from an ordinary garbage dump and heading for a better dumpster!


do not know why, when I read the article also can be written, but now because of not to write, the brain slowly degenerate, become afraid of writing, only today published the articles is empty, I am trying to do, just start doing stand, like popularity, because it is the download station, so people still pretty much, each big forum messages, send me all to download, what was out of seven or eight software, as long as it is able to attract people, slowly, many people, IP, I will not go to update, decadent.

had done a lot of station, not to download, is the movie station, station has done on the network, tens of thousands of websites that you are just a small shrimp. So I began to confusion, in the end what to do, what exactly to do stand to have a future, alliance day buckle the amount of money, to squeeze you, let them to earn, Google and Baidu are similar, you don’t expect to get from them what this year, profit model will completely change and update, so I meditate grimace, what station, what profit to the head are fried, perhaps this is the personal webmaster sorrow, think, think of just try it, maybe you really made a sample ~~

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