Electricity supplier operators how to crack the sales bottleneck through station ads

reasonable advertising position can often make the effect of operation achieve half work time. The article shares some of the methods of advertising operations in the station, hoping to give you help.

for the electricity supplier operations staff, the most headaches than advertising settings, especially festive promotional activities, how to make rational use of advertising, this is each operator had to think of the problem. Then, in the face of N advertising sites, how to analyze the rational use of the realization of its greatest value? This issue, we analyze advertising from the station for everyone to talk about.

before the article, we come to popular science, what is the station advertising? The so-called station advertising refers to the website, home page or other pages, in a conspicuous position for some goods / activities to do a form of station promotion. The more common ones are some banner diagrams. For example, the following blue logo of A, B, C, D, the four part is the station advertising.


station advertising analysis can not only understand a region or a picture of the advertising effect, you can also browse the content, combined with the advertising page where the traffic data analysis which ads are popular, what is the highest degree of concern, according to the data layout optimization adjustment, to improve sales objective.

first of all, let’s see what data can be analyzed by station advertising analysis. As shown in the following diagram: (we intercept a user’s home page)

through the chart, we can see:

A advertising location of the page hits, conversion, conversion details and other data.

A advertising in the realization of the conversion project (such as registration success, orders success, etc.), brought about by the amount of clicks, conversions, conversion details and other data.

and these data reflect how the advertising effect, click on the conversion amount, higher volume on one hand, advertising a good location, on the other hand, reflect the user participation of advertising on the station and the user is interested. In addition, we can analyze the trend of advertising, grasp the changes in user participation, etc..

Secondly, by analyzing these data,

provides data support for optimizing advertising station location and displaying position. Let’s analyze how to optimize the advertising position through the 2 pictures.

Figure 1: (this is the effect chart of 4 ad positions)

we also mentioned above to determine whether an advertisement is effective or not. We can see the amount of clicks, conversions, and conversions in its pages. As you can see from the above picture:

4 ad positions, in the transformation project "order success page" this link, 3 Advertising bit realized transformation.

AD-1 location implementation of the transformation, the largest amount of breakdown, the maximum amount of hits.


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