Do stand too hard to make a Links and climbing as difficult

I never thought I would do a website, the original Internet only know that playing the game, the male friend introduced to try to learn the website, he is also the site, may want to bring with me, can not say what time I can help him do something, so readily agreed in his persuasion, so a good domain name, start free movie station, in a period of time after the 0288 began to slowly into the track, looking at other people’s site below many links, thought I also went to several do friendship connection, I just started a small rookie, do a few connections total no harm. Then a movie station to see the past, do not let a small place, only to find the webmaster contact, then please chat with my 0288 do friendship connection, wait is not easy to find the time, carefully ask for a friendship connection some people listen to, do connection opening is IP10 million PR5, so I can not open the mouth, also more simply, politely asked what to do after the connection immediately dives, no matter what to say anyway is not the answer. Well, I didn’t expect it. The network was really realistic. Think of these really discouraged, also very helpless, beginners in a lot of things really want to eat a lot of cold-shoulder treatment.

today on the Internet bubble of the day, to find a few people, lips are worn, they could not find a willing to do a link with me, my heart is really very sad, my boyfriend looked at me like I was very discouraged or insist on their own to find the confidence, and said not to help him aggressive way, help me find a few mature talent to do some, I think is not thought to be connected to it is just the little things that at the end they have no one to find, or only him to find acquaintances do connect, really want to cry. The mood is really very depressed, such a thing, let me feel that the network is not as simple as the reality, and can only borrow everyone to say that sentence every day, very hard…

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