10 marketing promotion skills breakout APP ranking curse

each kind of business model is an extension based on the real life, emotionally and geographically, it is used to get the maximum extension to satisfy every perceptual cognition is disappearing in people’s daily life in a real life let. For example, social network wiring, such as micro-blog mode of access to information, such as "Buy mode" of the new shopping model. Of course, because of the emergence of smartphones in our lives, the Web2.0 era and the Web3.0 era are beginning to accelerate.

from Facebook to renren.com like " So" " Lo" has been everywhere;; it represents the LBS (Location Based Service) based on a variety of positioning and sign, it is Foursquare or the side of the street, including Facebook Places and everyone report; & quot; Mo" is a variety of mobile Internet applications thanks to the intelligent mobile phone brings. Now the model has become the "solomo" of the world, with the C2C of Taobao and SNS, mogujie.com’s share to create a pattern of shopping, renren.com followed by everyone shopping, if these modes will be mature, then we will see the magic of the Internet, then followed by the Tencent to join the majority leader the last models fail for several pop QQ.

human beings have been unable to stop e-commerce socializing, the reputation of the circle of friends is being detonated. Of course, in addition to social networking, mobile era has been from the subway bus station to the mobile phone. A bunch of hands slowly began, with the fastest speed across the life of each person will be next, you can not do not go shopping, but you can not change this time not to accept the most crazy, that is a huge impact micro-blog and APP have.

more and more companies and websites started to enter the APP era, with the fastest speed to seize the mobile field, once occupying success means that in addition to 8 hours of work, we have two chance of romance with consumers. This opportunity to communicate without the serious prologue, but more like the exchange between friends. Even cock wire in such a golden communication time, you can also live instantly hold, like rich handsome, like envy, jealousy, hatred of the eye.

and then suffered the apple store banned APP brush list, APP breakthrough road is even more blurred, and APP hit list algorithm began to search engine optimization algorithm, become APP break through the main breakthrough. Because a APP once on the line, if the total list of the top 200 or top 20 to squeeze, basically in complete darkness half-dead situation, because there is no display means no download, no downloads and activity, basically declared a APP at the end of the day is coming.

APP is not on the list

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