Several ways to popularize town level talent network

before sharing with you "operation talent network preparatory work", today to share with you, my talent network is how to promote?. Talent network promotion is divided into online and offline two ways, first of all we first say how to promote the offline.

one, online promotion

1.QQ promotes

because it is a local talent network, the object of service, it can be said that most of the local enterprises and talents. I first use my group, as well as a group of mail functions to promote, as the content should be arranged, short and practical. There are QQ friends to help promote, so that they help forward to their group. You can also take

information released to QQ space, as well as QQ, micro-blog, QQ alumni. This is a necessary first step. Don’t worry about submitting a search engine. He can’t bring it right away.

2. search engine and the chain promotion

this is relatively simple, submit the site to the major search engines, Baidu library and Baidu experience, and A5 are good outside the chain promotion platform.

3. mail and SMS promotion

in front of everyone to share the "operation talent network the preparatory work", there is a collection of " local enterprises in other talent network contact, email or mobile phone number, and then build a " document; the purpose is to present the promotion. The collected information is sorted to extract the mailbox address, as well as cell phone number, the phone number is not used for the time being. Then, you can theoretically add 20 recipients at the same time by sending Q mail or other mailboxes, but because mail content may be considered spam, it will decrease. When the mail has been sent, send text messages. I bought a mobile card, and then opened the 20 yuan SMS business, you can send 300 text messages (you can also use Fetion, but more troublesome), the finishing of the mobile phone number input, add content, send.

has to say that the two methods are the most troublesome, but the most effective way to promote them. Remember to first to promote the content of finishing, such as XXX talent network formally launched, free release of talent information….

4. website service promotion

this varies from person to person, the first is free home advertising, or integral gifts, or membership packages. The mode of operation of my website is points + members, but members only open two kinds, one is 100 yuan annual fee members, one is certified enterprise members (free),

and then recharge the points. I began to push a certified member (usually upload business license certification through the enterprise will receive home advertising and gold membership services a year) is mainly in order to attract more local enterprises, certainly a lot of people want to have free, company personnel

their posts

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