Unfamiliar Street lonely behind what kind of development road

as a goal to make friends, to contact communication as a way of products, unfamiliar street itself has been the development of many friends in the industry attention. Up to now, unfamiliar street has more than 10 million users, but in the course of development, in April 2012 exceeded 3 million, launched in August 3rd 1st anniversary, the number of users exceeded 10 million, we can see the unfamiliar street in the dating platform to do is fast. But from a certain point of view, the emergence of unfamiliar street is both a blessing and an unfortunate. Fortunately the unfamiliar street to catch up with the mobile Internet development tide, unfortunately unfamiliar street living in the shadow of WeChat, is also an instant messaging software, WeChat users exceeded 400 million in 2 years, compared to 10 million users unfamiliar street, this is horrible.

Although the

industry still hold considerable positive attitude towards the street, such as the 2012 November Street Street won $100 million B round of financing, but it is undeniable that the growth of WeChat is definitely a threat to the unfamiliar street, if not to deal with the future, unfamiliar street is likely to be WeChat merger, thus becoming it’s LBS products. Therefore, under the powerful mapping of WeChat, the situation of unfamiliar street appears to be a little lonely. So, in the future, if you want to seek long-term development, what problems should be solved?

for the development of WeChat models and different, this is unfamiliar street the most needs to be done, because it is difficult to let strangers in the platform, the number of users get involved in explosive growth, and this part of the crowd and the viscosity is not so high, so the application of unfamiliar street to develop more, to live this part easily dispersed users, while unfamiliar street in 2013 to gradually increase the location message function, the intention that people in accordance with the interest to do the LBS community, and is not limited to strangers. Through groups and message boards and other features, through the interest map and social development of the LBS community, trying to change strangers into acquaintances, and then precipitation user level.

this is a good idea, but unfamiliar street has forgotten the existence of WeChat. As another timely communication software, WeChat’s flagship point is the link between acquaintances, and unfamiliar street this move is related to WeChat’s good field. To throw away one’s best LBS, to precipitate an acquaintance, seems like a clever reform, but actually falls into a predicament of development. You know in the market, unfamiliar street give more people the impression label is about guns, and user contact when choosing and acquaintances are often the first choice of WeChat, the mobile phone users and often there will be only a tool of communication, if unfamiliar street to do so on the acquaintance, will win is WeChat, not why, because Tencent this tree, there are many years of acquaintance resources, WeChat greater likelihood of success.

so unfamiliar street should dig deep into his LBS function to do a proper transformation, rather than directly to the acquaintance, the first development direction of product value draw further apart, by continuing to strangers in this level, to expand.

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